Wednesday, 20 April 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Poster Planning and Character Simplifying

I drew up two different designs for my poster. One that work more like a grid and one that was more like a typology poster with vignette images. I was pretty keen on the idea of doing another typology kind of poster so started to develop and simplify characters for that.
Two poster designs and starting to look at how I can represent characters

Typology style Poster design 

I'm feeling really limited with my colour choices. If I'm going to screen print this the easiest way fro me to do it is using two colours max. I went with a bright green because thats what colour Kermit is and jim is mostly associated with Kermit but I think it takes a lot away from the other characters. Henson created this beautifully bold colourful world and I think that's missing from this poster idea. I'm also realising that this is not going to be achieved by screen printing and am considering definitely printing digitally. I think Im going to go for the tiled style poster and leave this where it is. It gave me a lot of insight into working exhaustively and helped me see how I can develop characters by drawing them over and over again but over all this just doesn't sit right with me, it's not communicating the fun playful message that i want to communicate.

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