Monday, 11 April 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Colour Schemes

I wanted my colours to fit together nicely whilst also painting a connection to each location. In the crit it was suggested that I try bold and pastel colours to see how they'd work so I mocked up some different colour schemes on Illustrator to see what would look best.

First colour scheme - I liked this, the colours communicate each location pretty well, apart from the colour for Longyearbyen, that was too pink and I needed it to communicate cold/snowy conditions. I also felt that there was just something about these colours that didn't sit right. 

Second Colour Scheme - I tried to make the colours a lot bolder in this which looked kind of good but at the same time the orange was really over-powering and seemed to take over the scheme. It was just a bit too bright and didn't sit right with the other three colours. 

Final Colour Scheme - I went for a more pastel approach with this colour scheme and really liked it! Making the colours a little more subtle really helped them come together better. I used grey for La Rinconada because of the rocky mountains that the city is situated in. Orange for Supai because of the red/orange canyon walls that surround it. Ittoqqortoormiit and Longyearbyen had cooler shades of blue and purple to communicate cold and wintery climates whilst still being different colours from each other.

Planning my colour schemes like this was really useful! Rather than just going straight for it and probably messing my colour choice up a fair bit, I found it helpful to plan and plot my colours, seeing how they'd all look together before moving ahead with my vectors. This assures me that once my postcards are finished, the colours will look good together and fit as a set.

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