Wednesday, 20 April 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - I AM SO STUCK

I'm really really struggling with all this at the moment.
I feel like my stamps were pretty strong and that they fit with what I was trying to achieve, but that from the stamps onwards things are going downhill. In my head I know I want to create something pretty shape based, simple to look at, but that communicates Hensons work and the playful, joyful nature of the creatures and characters that he created. But when I'm trying to get that out on paper i'm really struggling. I feel like theres been a real pressure this year to try a lot of new things out which is great in that i get to develop new skills and techniques, but because theres so much going on I've really struggled to find a way of working that fits me and what I enjoy doing. Everything so fast paced that it seems like I get a little bit of time using one technique before we're introduced to something new and have to produce work that fits in line with that, which in turn makes it really difficult for me to produce work I'm actually interested in and proud of.

I don't know really, I'm really stuck for postcard ideas and for an idea for my poster. I thought I could do something that was gridded out for my poster though and just have different characters in squares and maybe Henson in the middle? I'm not sure, I'm pretty sure I've got a tutorial soon though so hopefully that'll help get my head straightened out with what i'm doing for this.

I also wish I'd chosen Joan of Arc, I feel like there could have been a lot more research that i could have done on her to inform my work and all that, Hensons a cool guy, who was really friendly and full of joy and happiness and he wanted to share that, but everything revolves around his work, he revolved around his work and theres no way to escape referencing his characters in this brief.

My head is going to explode.

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