Monday, 11 April 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Developing Roughs

I went over the initial roughs that I'd drawn up for my locations and tried to adjust them to make the houses smaller and to make things look a little more like I was wanting them to look on screen, this would make it easier to work from when I moved my work onto Illustrator.

I tried a few different ways of adding detail to the mountains and to the coastline of some of the places, this helped me to visualise my final postcards a bit better and in the end I decided to go with just using line rather than solid shapes, it fits in better with the idea of just using line over a block colour.

I really tried to emphasise the smallness of the different cities and this was achieved by making the houses smaller, pretty tricky to do when drawing but I should be fine to make them as small as I want when it comes to vectorising my images.
It was also hard to break away from the idea of shape and how everything would work. Line and block colour sounds pretty simple but I was really focusing on how it would look on screen and this made it a little trickier to just concentrate on getting the drawings to look how I wanted them to look. My next step will be to start vectorising these images and documenting them as I go along.

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