Wednesday, 20 April 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Final Pieces

After fine tuning my existing pieces and developing and producing my postcards this was the work that I produced for my final pieces.

Muppet Stamp Set - Taking iconic muppet characters, simplifying them down to just shape and colour to communicate the characters and there fun, playful appearance effectively. 
I'm really happy with the stamps, they look really clean and crisp and I think that as a set of stamps they work well together and sit well together visually 

The Dark Crystal
The Labyrinth
The Storyteller
Set of three postcards that communicate the storylines of three of Jims more fantasy based pieces of work. I'm really happy with the Dark Crystal postcard but not really too pleased with the others. I feel like I let myself down a little bit, because they were the last ones I had to do and deadline was round the corner, I rushed them quite bit just to get them done, I think if I'd taken more time on these they could've turned out a lot better. 

Grid poster portraying Henson surrounded by all the characters that he created and gave to us throughout his life
I'm also really happy with how this turned out, it's really fun and playful and delivers a direct message to an audience. I like the variety of different characters from a range of Jim's work and how they all fit together and balance each other out. I'm a lot happier with it now after making the changes that were brought up in the crit. 

Even though I'm mostly happy with the body of the work I've produced, this is not the outcome that i was looking to produce. I really wanted to make some work that i was genuinely proud of and once again I feel like I haven't managed to achieve that. I've made work that fits the brief and that meets the brief requirements but I haven't made something that I'm proud of. I feel like it's decent work but it's not my work, it's not the type of thing I really want to be creating. I don't know, I much prefer pens and pencils and emotive work rather than things that are more simple and flat.
I'm going to try and let it go though, what I've done isn't terrible, it's not the best but it's the best that I can do right now and thats all that matters. 

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