Monday, 11 April 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Final Postcards

These are my four final postcards, Im pretty happy with how they turned out, I actually ended up enjoying this vector brief a lot more than I thought I would!

La Rinconada
 It was actually really cool to go from a simple line drawing and adding colour too it and giving it a little bit of character. Even though I think some of the handmade quality can be taken away when using vectors and shape, I think it adds a different quality, the flatness and simplicity of the images can be quite charming in a way, and you've got the option to be pretty flexible, if somethings not right it's easy to go back and change it or if a colour doesn't sit right, it's fairly easy to tweak it to the right colour that you were wanting.

I think I'm happiest with Supai and Ittoqqortoormiit, they were really fun to do and think they were the best compositions out of the four postcards. They also communicate the idea of isolation more  clearly than the other too. I'm not entirely happy with the postcard for Longyearbyen, something just doesn't sit right with how the houses look and how the image looks as a whole but as usual, I was approaching deadline so just got it over and done with so I wasn't running into the next brief. I also like how all the colours go together, I can definitely see the benefit of creating a colour scheme prior to moving onto final images, it gives you a clearer idea of how the colours work together.

I think I'd like to use vectors again, once you get tyour head round them they're pretty fun to play with!

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