Monday, 18 April 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Initial Ideas and Crit Feedback

- What characters did Henson play? His legacy is carried through the characters (And The Creature Shop and Jim Hensons Legacy)
- I think must people would associate him with his characters, more people would recognise Kermit the Frog than they would a picture of Henson?



- Shapes and silhoettes - Keep it simple, this brief is about communication so lets communicate effectively and strip everything down rather than build up loads of detailed intricate pieces

- Silhouettes showing how the puppets work? Mono print this! Puppet shape in one colour, hand inside the muppet in another, this could work but it's hard to find out how a lot of the puppets worked?

- Simple shapes - If I'm going to focus on characters, I don't want to just be drawing exact replicas of the characters, strip it down, stick to shape and minimal colours. Lets do this!!

Crit Feedback

- Look at the development of characters over time, how did they evolve e.g. Kermits development could be shown using different print methods, lino (pretty messy) to start with, moving on to screen prints (clean and more developed)

- Tie things together using shape and colour, the shape idea works well

- Play around, explore, don't limit yourself, Blex Bolex

- Don't fall into the trap of just drawing puppets. Don't represent the characters so obviously. 3D? Make Muppets with hands?

- Abstract, focus on things i'm interested in (Dark Crystal, Labyrinth)

- Colours, bold and bright - can make them really simple. Could switch the styles, do Muppets in the style of the puppets in Labyrinth and vice versa

I found some of the feedback really interesting, it definitely gave me some stuff to start thinking about but in all honesty, I really enjoyed the shape task at the beginning of this brief and think it could work pretty well for this project. Plus, people seemed to think that that was a decent route to go down so I think I'm going to try and work with that. I had it in my head that I was always going to be making really perfect, detailed work that I'd be happy with, but I think I kind of need to let that ideal go and just start to do what comes naturally and realise that sometimes I'm going to have to work a little out of my comfort zone or in a style that isn't necessarily my own.

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