Wednesday, 20 April 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Nate Williams

- Shape and line are super nice 
- Fun and playful 
- Colour schemes are nice but i'm looking to use brighter, bolder colours
- Like the added bits of texture
- None of the images seem empty but they're not overly busy (if that makes sense) 
- Good balance and composition
- Like the circular patterns, good for background and to fill space

I really liked Nate Williams work, its really fun and vibrant and super interesting to look at. He manages to fit so much into the image but never overcomplicate it to the point where it looks too full or busy. It'd be cool if I could do something like that with my postcards with movie characters or something like that.

I also really liked the use of shape and I'm fairly certain that's something I want to take forward in my work, Nate uses shape really well, I particularly like how he constructs people and different decorations features like leaves and plants. I think I definitely want shape to be the basis of this project. I think you can communicate really effectively using simple shapes and colours and I want to try communicate and fun playful message, rather than just creating work thats an exact drawing of a character, it might be cool to strip everything down and see how minimal I can make the characters.

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