Wednesday, 20 April 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Final Crit Feedback

Feedback from peers and tutor:
- Fun, playful, bold, immediate - reads clearly and immediately
- Its about the characters and our understanding of them. Playing with our fandom
- Could it be more connected to Hensons world and life?
- Graphic approach working really well but does need more fine tuning - Less detail, bigger Jim, sharpen edges and shapes
- Good use of sketchbook to generate ideas and speculate proposals - exhaustive - distilling character into shape
- Really impressed with sketchbook processing and reduction of visual information

What I'm thinking:
- Really glad people said that my work was bold and fun, its the aesthetic I was aiming for so I was really glad people picked up on this showing that I've managed to communicate that clearly and effectively
- I wouldn't say that my projects been about the characters but I can see how it can be interpreted as that. The project to me is about Jim, but he lives on through his characters and a lot of them are recognisable to a whole bunch of people. I was trying to promote his legacy and how he lives on through his characters and the work that he created
- Glad that some things that needed fine tuning were pointed out, someone mentioned getting rid of some of the symbols I'd included and replacing them with characters which I think will make the poster a lot stronger.
- Happy to hear that my sketchbook work is paying off, I tried to push myself to develop my work more in my sketchbook and to try be more exhaustive with my work so I'm glad to see that this is paying off, it's definitely helping me in my decision making and i think having a larger size sketchbook has really helped swell as I haven't felt so limited.

To Do:
Re-work the symbols on my poster into characters
Make Jim bigger and give him some eyebrows
Create my postcards
Print everything off
Hand in!!

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