Monday, 11 April 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communcation - Who I Chose and Why I Chose Them

I decided to go with Jim Henson, purely because of my love for his films. I really want to work on something I enjoy and produce work i'm proud of this time round and i think this would give me the perfect opportunity!

To me Jim Henson stands for:
. Magic
. Creativity
. Imagination
. Character
. Childhood
. The Muppets
. The Labyrinth/The Dark Crystal

What does he represent?
. Imagination
. Innovation
. Mad Courage
. Storytelling
. Compassion
. Humble
. Work has an uplifting and intricate message
. Extraordinary creative legacy

"This Jim Henson may be gone, but maybe he's still here, inside us, believing in us." - Robin the Frog, Kermit's Nephew

I found this while trawling through youtube looking at Muppet clips and interviews and it is actually heartbreaking oh my days. Some of the things that the Muppets are reading from the letters are so beautiful and I think this is an amazing tribute to such an amazing man.

I want to do my project on Jim Henson because I think he contributed to so many peoples lives and through the things that he created and the ideas that he brought to life, he still goes on contributing and enriching peoples lives. Hoping I can get some pretty cool work done for this!

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