Wednesday, 20 April 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Dark Crystal Postcard Ideas and Development

I want to create three postcards based on three different pieces of work that Henson did in his lifetime; The Dark Crystal, The Labyrinth and The Storyteller. 

I had two initial ideas for The Dark Crystal, one was a postcard similar to the layout of Nate Williams work, that contained a number of characters and motifs from the film with the crystal in the middle and then another idea that had the crystal surrounded by shards and a background of three suns lined up (my sketches for these are in the picture below). I decided to go with the second idea because i think it ties up the theme/storyline of the film really well and communicates Hensons work clearly and effectively without the use of character. 

Two initial ideas and some crystal doodles using finaliser and watercolour pencil. I really love how the crystals look, this is definitely more my way of working and I got really into drawing these. I love using fine black lines, I think they have a nice quality, I wish I could have produce more work that was bit more in line with this style this year. 

I played around with some different colours of purple and different ways to draw the suns behind them,  just using copies and sharpies. I kind of like the chunky block colours, I'm still wanting to screen print so I think this could be executed pretty well if I develop it more. 

Inspired by the circle patterns of Nate Williams, I wanted to create something more than just a flat shape. These were just a few variations I liked the look of. I'm really feeling the aesthetic of these drawings, I love the crystals and the sun beams, ink and watercolour work super well together, I want to be doing more of this in the future I think. 

I'm really happy with this design. I love how it's executed aswell. I really got into using ink and watercolour and was super happy with how this turned out at the end. I wish I could just do something like this for the stamps, postcards and poster but I wouldn't be able to screen-print the texture of the paint, and I've got a serious longing to screen print.
I want to revisit this in the future. This is a lot closer to how I've worked previously and is also something that i enjoy and that i think i could develop and include across different modules and briefs. 
So by the end of all this I was pretty settled on this design. I was happy with the composition and the colours. I just need to make the positives for this and the other two postcards and then hopefully I'll be able to go ahead and screen print these. 

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