Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Why This Module Is Already Terrifying

I was kind of excited about this module, I think because it was new and different and I could finally do work that had nothing to do with Margaret Atwood. BUT. Honestly the briefing made me really confused and stressed, all these different areas that I could focus in on and none that I think my work sits in!
I've never actually sat down and looked at my work and thought, "Yes, that is some fine editorial work" or "Yes, my work is meant for book covers". It kind of just exists at uni and at home and floats between being something that I do for myself and something that I do to get a degree. I initially thought that I'd want to go into packaging and product, I've always liked the idea of applying my work to products and being able to make and sell actual items that people might buy. But then when I'm sat in the briefing, I was really interested in book covers and reportage and some of the things that were talked about to do with those two categories.
I had a quick chat with Ben, who suggested that my work might fit in the "Adult Publishing" section and it did kind of make sense once he'd explained it too me. But I'm still bit confused and wary of it all. I have this (very stupid) fear that if I choose a certain area to work in for this module it means that that's what I'm going to have to focus on for the rest of my creative career. I know that's bullshit but it's just a tiny thought at the back of my head that's stressing me out a little bit. I think I'm just going to have to take baby steps with this one and try and make it fit around me, my interests and my work as best I can.

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