Tuesday, 31 January 2017

OUIL505 Applied Illustration - Things I Want To Happen

One thing that I will take forward from OUIL504: 
It's really hard to decide on just one thing that I'd choose to take forward from 504, the module introduced me to a whole range of new media and processes that I started to incorporate into my practice and I feel that my work benefitted hugely from being introduced to these processes. I think I would definitely like to take an element of printmaking forward into 505, wether this be producing final prints, producing work via a specific process or using scanned textures/images to enhance digital work.

One way to push myself out of my comfort zone: 
I'd say to push myself out of my comfort zone I might need to consider colour more than I currently do. I tend to stray away from using too much colour, but I think getting a handle on this and finding out how I can incorporate it into my practice in a way that I think works and that I'm comfortable working with will help push my practice further. I do also think that I need to continue to push myself in terms of my abilities using digital software, I still worry that this is a weak area of mine and that this is going to hold me back at some point. Hopefully during this module I can expand my understanding of the software further.

One thing that I want to accomplish by May: 
I would really like to see my practice heading in some kind of direction and starting to find somewhere that me and my work fit in the world of illustration. I think I can only figure this out through research and development and I'm hoping this module will help me understand the different areas of illustration and how to produce work that best fits into these areas. I would also hope that by May, I have grown abit more confident with my practice, something which I struggle with but that I am gradually coming to grips with.

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