Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Screenprinted Outcomes

Over the last two days I've managed to get all five of my prints done with no hiccups except a little trouble aligning the two colours when adding the final colour to the prints. This means I've only got a few 'perfect' copies of each design but I quite like where some of them have misprinted.
I usually hate screen printing because nothing ever seems to be straight forward for me. I think the fact that I'm a short person and I can't reach the back of the printing beds and apply the right amount of pressure on the larger printing beds has really messed up my print process before but this time I used a smaller screen and a tabletop printing bed so the whole process was a lot easer and a lot quicker for me.

I also really think my confidence with screen printing has improved dramatically over this module. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when printing like this but after stripping multiple screens, coating them and printing with them, I'm feeling a lot more comfortable with screen-printing as a process and think it's definitely something I'd like to re-visit.

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