Thursday, 19 January 2017

To Kill A Mockingbird - Existing Covers

- Simple silhouette illustrations
- Quite bold, large type 
- Balanced type and illustration, neither overpowers the other
- Draws attention to the theme of innocence and childhood that runs throughout the book 
- Two colour, simple and effective

- Shaped based illustration
- Three colours including stock
- Draws attention to the symbolism of the Mockingbird
- Text clear and easy to read

- Line based illustration 
- Emphasis on text
The childlike illustration links to the themes of childhood and innocence
- The subject matter of the illustration draws attention to the symbolism of the mockingbird
- Two colour and stock 

- Black silhouette illustrations 
- Title of the novel is combined into the illustration 
- Includes the symbolism of childhood and the mockingbird
- 3 colours and stock

A lot of the covers I've been looking at include that symbol of the mockingbird, perhaps because this symbolism is integral to the story. I think it's definitely something that I'd like to try and incorporate into my own designs, along with other possibles imagery/symbolism from the novel. 

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