Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Print Development And Final Set of Mock-Ups

After the crit I had a quick chat to everyone on our table and they suggested pulling all my designs together to see if they sat well together. I quickly mocked this up and after showing them the designs I'd chosen to print, they quickly pointed out that the leafy print had a lot more black in it than any of the other prints and that it would be better if I changed the colour of some of the leaves and maybe the mushrooms, still keeping the depth of the image but spreading it out a little more evenly over the whole print.
Initial Print Set

I decided to re-do the colour placement on the leafy design and am a lot happier with how they're looking as a set now. I think the next step is too separate my prints into different layers, ready to print off as positives for screen printing. 

Final Print Set 

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