Friday, 27 January 2017

To Kill A Mockingbird - Initial Roughs

I've spent some time roughing a few ideas up, mainly based around the symbol of the mockingbird and the different flower symbolisms i found in the book.

Right now I feel like the flower roughs would be the strongest ideas to follow through and start to develop. The symbol of the Mockingbird is common throughout a lot of the existing covers through the book and even though this is an original motif, I think it's one that the judges are going to be expecting to see, and one that is going to be hard to work with in order to come up with an innovative design. I feel like the symbolism of the flowers offer a different insight into the themes that run throughout the novel and still manage to link back to the book strongly.

 I think my next step is to develop some of these ideas and see how they come along. I could also do with getting a bit of feedback from pals/tutors and make sure that I'm not going completely in the wrong direction.

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