Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Crit Feedback

My crit proved really useful in helping me make up my mind about colour and where I should apply it. I don't have any of my animations ready or started really, so I only had my prints to talk through but I was quite happy getting a bit of direction on them. People said that the pink colour worked best and that i should just stick with two colours across the whole set of prints, so from this i've decided my prints are going to be black and a pastel pink colour. I also wanted to know where I should apply certain colours on my knife print and the leafy print.
I've decided to apply colour to the cheeks and knife of this print. When I only did one or the other it left a lot of white space and left the design looking like it needed more adding to it.

I decided to keep the black texture in the mountain for this design as without it, the print looks empty and unfinished, this was also mentioned in my crit. 
For this print I've decided to keep the colour in the foreground and leave the background black. This adds more depth to the image which I think this one needs as its so busy.

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