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Summative Evaluation

End of Module Student Evaluation
BA (Hons) Illustration
Module Code: OUIL504 Illustration 1: Production & Presentation

Name: Leah Haywood                                
Student ID: LH250738

Learning Outcome
Evidenced where?
Blog, Visual Journal, Roughs, Final Illustrations, Stings, storyboards, development sheets etc.  (No more than 75 words)
Your grade
Using words:
> poor, satisfactory, good, very good, excellent
5A5:  Demonstrate an informed understanding of issues relating to image, media, format and context through the delivery of solutions to identified visual problems.
(Knowledge & Understanding -  Critical Awareness)
This is most apparent on my blog, which has been a main source of ongoing evaluating, reflection and decision making throughout this module.
Sketchbook work, roughs and storyboarding have also helped to evidence this and I have developed a better understanding of the importance of roughs, storyboarding and planning ahead and how they can play a part in developing your work and final outcomes.

5A6: Understand the potential and limitations of a range of processes, technologies and techniques involved in the development and production of work for print and screen based delivery.
(Knowledge & Understanding -  Research)
I think this is most evident in my documentation of the feedback I have received throughout the module and from my own ongoing self-evaluation.
Tutor and peer feedback in crits has helped me evaluate my work and where to progress next with it. I have also been evaluating my own progress throughout which has led to more informed decision making and an over-all more well-informed module.  
5B4: Analyse and critically evaluate primary/secondary source material to inform the development and contextualisation of ideas, concepts and products through individual responses to set briefs.
(Cognitive Skills - Problem Analysis, Problem Solving)
This is evident in my summer research into my chosen author, part of which fully informed some of the key themes and motifs that have emerged in my work. I have also revisited this when stuck and conducted occasional additional research in order to produce a well-rounded response.
The given study tasks asking us to explore different examples of print processes and animation also evidences this and helped me to make more well informed decisions in regards my practice

5C4: Select, manipulate and apply appropriate media, processes and technologies in the development, production and presentation of ideas, concepts and products.
(Practical Skills -  Practical and Conceptual Development)
This is evidenced on my blog throughout all 3 studio briefs including roughs, mock-ups, test prints, experimentation of print processes, storyboards and after effects techniques. I think this is most apparent in studio brief 2, printed pictures, where I have explored a range of concepts and processes in order to fulfill the brief.  
Very Good
5C5: Identify, evaluate and apply practical/technical processes, materials and media in order to produce technically competent and conceptually appropriate outcomes.
(Practical Skills - Visual Quality and Technical Competence)
This is evident on my blog, particularly for studio brief 2 where I have explored a range of print processes in order to meet the desired outcome. I produced prints from a range of different print processes and evaluated each along the way to find what would be the best route to follow to produce an end product for this brief
Very Good
5D4: Demonstrate the ability to communicate the development and resolution of ideas through appropriate visual and written presentation of work.
(Key Transferable Skills - Presentation and Evaluation)
I have been keeping an ongoing evaluation of my work in the form of my blog and have returned back to this during the decision making process.
In terms of my presentation I believe that my finals outcomes for the three briefs are strong in terms of their professional presentation, in particular my printed pictures outcomes.

Summative Evaluation

At the start of this module I had little knowledge on print processes and how these can be used to add a level of professionalism to your work. I also had no knowledge on after effects and the uses of storyboarding. I have progressed to have a better understanding of different adobe programmes and how these can be used to enhance my work and I also feel a lot more comfortable and confident working with a whole range of different print processes and feel that this is something that will become integral to my practice.

I think the main bulk of learning for me took place during Studio Brief 2: Printed Pictures. This brief introduced me to a range of different print processes and techniques that I have been able to use to produce a more professional standard of work. This has included learning how to mono print, lino print and screen print and how to begin to combine these processes together and how to use these processes on a digital platform. I feel that I’ve learnt a bit more about my own practice through this experimentation in print and feel that I will be able to successfully integrate what I’ve learnt about print in this module with work that I produce in the future. I have also enhanced my understanding of digital software and how to effectively use this to enhance and finish my work. Previous to this module I had stayed away from using any of the Adobe suites because I simply didn’t understand it and didn’t want to produce ‘digital’ work, I am now a lot more comfortable in working on these programmes.
I personally believe that Studio Brief 2 was my most successful brief throughout this module. It was one that I enjoyed a lot and feel that I have made the most progression in. Away from the practical aspects of this brief I believe that compared to this time last year I have come a long way. Previously I had a very low attendance, was not participating in crits and group discussion and on reflection can see how my practice suffered from this. I believe that throughout this module I have improved my studentship, been present for the majority of sessions and workshops and in doing this I can clearly see how my work is improving. I also believe that paying more attention to blogging has helped me a lot. Throughout the module I have kept an ongoing evaluation and documentation on my blog which I believe has helped me make better informed decisions in order to produce the best outcome possible.

In terms of the lows of this module I truly believe that I could have made more of an effort with Studio Brief 3: Moving Pictures. I continuously put this off in order to concentrate on Studio Brief 2 and think that my final animation and the process leading up to it could have been a lot better than they were. Saying that, I am not entirely disappointed in my animation, but can definitely see room for improvement. I also feel like my organization could’ve been a little better. In terms of Studio Brief 2 I think I could have had my prints finished earlier in the module if I had organized my time better, this would have also led to me having a bit more free time to tackle Studio Brief 3. I also believe I could’ve done more contextual research for this module. I don’t necessarily think my work suffered too much from my lack of it but I can definitely see how the research could’ve opened my eyes to new ways of image-making, new ideas and new processes.

I definitely think I will be taking forward different aspects of print-making and the techniques and skills I have learnt here. I believe that print could start to play a more prominent part in my practice and I am looking forward to exploring these processes further and also experimenting with new techniques of printing. Roughs and Storyboards have also proved to be very useful in terms of producing and developing ideas and would like to have this continue being an integral part of my image-making process. I also believe that this module I have learnt how to keep a track of my blogging, though not as regular as it probably should be I feel that I have definitely managed to keep up too it a bit more and would like to see this continue throughout the year.

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