Saturday, 14 January 2017

Packaging and Presentation

I've spent a bit of time packaging my prints up, just to present them a bit more nicely and I think this has massively improved how they look as a final set and how they look professionally. I used some clear cellophane wrap from the florists and so cardboard offcuts to back and wrap my prints with and then taped up the back.
I think if I was too produce an edition of prints to sell I would definitely go about presenting/selling them in this way, it looks a lot more professional and protects the prints well from getting dirty/bent.

I think next time I'd make experiment with a deckle edge and signing and numbering my prints properly. I had already trimmed my paper down to the exact size I wanted it and didn't want to mess that up by attempting a deckle'd edge, I do think it could add a more hand-crafted element to my work though.

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