Sunday, 5 February 2017

To Kill A Mockingbird - Lino and Mono Printing

After I'd chosen which design I wanted to push forward, I cut my lino and headed down to the print room. Lino printing is something I think I've developed through previous modules and believe that combing lino and mono printing would create an interesting outcome that reflected both the innocence and the darker side to Harper Lee's novel. Whilst I was mono printing my type, one of the print room technicians came over to me and suggested that if I wanted a creepy, childlike effect on the type that I try writing with my left hand. Mono printing is hard enough considering you have to write everything backwards so doing this with my left hand was even harder. It did produce some really childlike type but was abit too warped and distorted for what I was aiming to do. I've chosen one of the cleaner lino prints and some clearer type to take forward and develop into my book cover.

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