Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Print Mock-ups And Thoughts on Colour

I was going to upload all these images to issuu so it was bit easier to look at but it wouldn't let me upload the file so I've just had to stick them all on here.
Over christmas, one of my main tasks was too combine my lino prints with my mono printed textures and then start to look at colour choices and how these could be applied too my prints. I've mainly looked at applying pinks and greens as these represent Atwood's feminist and environmentalist views. I wanted to wait till after we got back to uni after christmas break to make a final decision as I has some conflicting thoughts on wether to use the same two colours throughout my set of prints or wether I could mix it up bit and use some different colour combinations for each different print.

Personally, I think that the pink and green tones work best rather than the red/blue/yellow colours that I've experimented with. I think they both work well across all different prints and will tie everything together quite well. I'm bit stuck on where I want too apply some of the colour and this is mainly with the knife print and the leafy jungle print. I'm not sure wether I've got too much or too little and think I'm best just waiting for my crit and seeing whats preferred when people look at my work with a bit of outside perspective. 

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