Friday, 6 January 2017

Change of Format

I had a quick chat with Shelly in the studio this afternoon and she pointed out that because I'd moved some of the circles towards the top of the page in order to fit the image on, they weren't working together because not all of the circles were centred on the page. She suggested that I work in a portrait format in order to make sure I could centre all the image on the page while still allowing room for bits of the image to come out of the circle. I printed some tests out and cut them down to 30x40cm and they work a lot better. It allows me to have enough space for for the images to be centred and the images now work a lot better as a set.
I'm going to start screen printing on monday, and have already cut the majority of my paper down to the new size so hopefully once the screens are exposed and ready to go, getting them done and finished should be a fairly quick process.

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