Thursday, 29 December 2016

Study Task 6 - Sound

The Tale of a Rando - Marcus Maggnusson 

I think the sound used in this animation is really simple but super effective. The video uses one main sound/song throughout then layers up smaller more specific sounds in line with the animation. So far example, the cashiers hands as they are using the till make a certain sound which is layered over the ongoing song in the background. This happens multiple times throughout the video and helps to highlight important features throughout the animation.

One Year With Nerdo - Nerdo 

This compilation of short stings really uses sound to its advantage. Once again, the sound is relatively simple but perfectly lines up with each animation that is playing. I really like the combination of 'real life' sounds used alongside character and image (if that makes sense). I'm also learning that the timing of your sound and animation together is important in making sure everything flows together smoothly, if some of these sound effects weren't exactly in the right place, the animation wouldn't be as effective as it is.

Looking at sound has opened my eyes to a lot of different options and different ways of applying sound to my own moving images. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it yet but I'm hoping to start looking at some copyright free soundtracks/sound effects soon to get my head around everything a little bit more.

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