Monday, 15 February 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - LETS GET INSPIRED

Laura Berger 
Laura Berger's work is so sweet and cute to watch. She uses really nice colours in her work and creates quirky little characters that are easy to relate too. Her work seems light-hearted and I think this comes across in her use of colour, keeping to soft tones and blocky colours.  I really like the simplicity of both of the GIF's below, theres no harsh black lines, the colours work really well together and I'm not sure what the one at the bottom is even supposed to be but I think it works really well to convey maybe shyness? The dancing leaf girl is just adorable.

Lilli Carré
I really like Lilli Carré's use of texture, I think paired with the simple line work and simple movement of the GIF, the texture really add's something to the image, making it more emotive in a way, I think this is also down to the colour that is used. I love how simple this GIF is, I personally feel like the texture of the face is the main focus point, it's so interested to watch it change and it gives the image a lot more character instead of it being just a flat colour.

Nancy Liang
I almost instantly fell in love with Nancy Liang's GIF's, they are just amazing to watch. Her use of mixed media and 3D makes you feel like you're looking into a whole other world, somewhere strangely surreal yet peaceful. I think this has really opened up my eyes to what I could possibly achieve with my 3D GIF and has made me see that I don't have to stick to photographing household objects, I can make my own objects/worlds if I want.

Pia Bramley
I really love the simplicity of this GIF and the way that the water moves around the character. The ink /paint looks really cool with each frame being a little bit different it gives the illusion of water moving. I really like the jittery effect you get from using hand-drawn techniques, I think they make the images look more personal and that it can enhance the emotion/tone you're trying to put across. 

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