Monday, 15 February 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Ideas Development Feelings

I tend to work in a pretty structured way so decided to tackle each of the different words separately, doing each category one after the other. I started with feelings because this was what I was most excited about, I quite like making emotive work so I was happy to finally be able to try and show this in my work. 

I started playing around with a few different ways to make faces. As I said in my last post I wanted to express emotion easily but make my characters a lot more human. I tried a few cartoony styles and I think they worked and they could have been developed further but I just thought they looked stupid, unfinished, childish. I've got a bit of a hang up about making simpler, less detailed work. I used to work in a lot of detail and got a lot of praise for the stuff i was producing and whenever I produce something simpler it feels as though I'm kind of letting myself down or not pushing myself to my full potential, it's a bit silly, I know. 

 ANYWAY. I started to develop these cool looking gals using pencil and then using ink to see how that would look. I think both materials look pretty good. I can see the pencil one looking pretty jittery when made into a gif which I think could work well in conveying emotion, it seems more personal, more hand-finished. I particularly like the grumpy girl with her finger up, she's a pretty good representation of my feelings towards life at the moment. 
I also quite like the sad girl, I think it'd look quite nice to have her tears animated. 

I think overall I'm looking to create something pretty simple with this, I don't want the whole gif to be moving, maybe just one particular part of it, I'm not entirely sure yet. I just want to make something that I'm proud of and I'm trying to be a little more content with the work that I'm producing. 

I think I'll probably go with the grumpy/sad girl, they're pretty relevant to how I'm feeling at the minute so that might make me enjoy the work a little more, if I'm creating something that feels more personal to me. 

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