Wednesday, 24 February 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Greetings From - Lists, lists and more lists

If this brief has taught me anything so far it is that I enjoy making lists and that they are extremely useful for organising your thoughts and ideas on paper. Anyway, after my initial thoughts from the briefing I made a mind-map, trying to explore other routes that I could take this project down and was quite happy with some of the ideas that sprouted from it.

 I researched a few of the ideas that I was interested in to start with and these either proved to be really interesting or ridiculously boring, a few ideas came up out of the blue as I was researching that proved to be kind of interesting though. I'm glad I've looked into so many different ideas and themes, the only problem is now that I have no idea which one I want to take forward! I'm so indecisive and always think I'm going to miss something great if I just go with one idea. I feel like the next best thing for me to do would probably spend a day or two developing some roughs from a few of my favourite ideas and that'll give me a clearer idea of which kind of route I want to go down. 

Themes I want to develop more:
. Isolated Cities
.Mountain Cities/Towns
.UFO Sightings
. Twinned Cities with Leeds
. Places that share the same name

I have a few ideas already running around my head for some of these themes. For example I think that places that share the same name one could be pretty interesting, some quite well known cities also share a name with lesser known cities so it could be interesting to make postcards for the lesser known versions of cities such as Paris, Sydney and Cairo etc. 

I also have an idea in my head of how I want the isolated cities postcards to look like. I want the postcards to mainly focus on the landscape to emphasise the isolation of the cities. In my head it's looking good but I'm not entirely sure how to explain it. I'll make some roughs soon and then it'll be easier to explain. 

I think the UFO Sightings theme could look pretty cool as well, especially if I considered my composition well, making the focus of the postcard the sky and the relating UFO sighting, but still being able to distinguish the different cities. 

The other two themes I'm not entirely sure on but I'm sure I'll be able to pull something together. 

To Do Next: 
. Visual Research into chosen themes/cities
. Start making roughs to help decide what idea to go with
. Keep up with blogging
. Have fun and chill out

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