Monday, 22 February 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Greetings From Briefing and Thoughts

Greetings From... :
Produce a set of 4 postcards promoting or responding to 4 cities of your choosing
Must be 140 x 210 mm (format orientation optional)
All must be vector images
Must effectively communicate the identity of chosen city

This brief sounds pretty fun, I'm big into learning new things about places and I have a huge urge to spend some time travelling before I finish uni so I often find myself looking into different countries and cities that I might want to visit anyway. I think this brief will be really good for me in terms of getting a grip on how to work my way around Illustrator and also how to simplify my work, using mainly shape to create images and communicate an idea effectively and clearly.

I must say my heart did drop a little when we were told they all had to be vector images. After just having an induction in mono and lino printing I was really excited to get back down to the print room and experiment with printmaking. I literally have no way of escaping having to use illustrator which might drive me insane but I guess in the long run will help me build on my creative abilities and understanding of software.

Initial thoughts:

I want to spend a couple of days researching before deciding on a set theme/idea. There are a few things I initially thought about researching such as:
. Festivals
. History
. Traditions
. Landmarks
. Cuisine
. Skylines
. Notable People
. Folklore/Mythology/Urban Legends
. Alien Sightings (not sure which part of my brain that sprouted from but lets go with it for now)
. Interesting Natural Landscape (Mountains, Volcanoes, Nazca Lines etc)

I think these are pretty good starting points and I'm really excited to start researching and letting my research inform my thoughts and ideas on this brief. Also really happy to have a brief that's focusing on shape, I've enjoyed using shape previously, it kind of takes a bit of pressure off of me as well, I don't feel theres as much need to add loads and loads of detail and produce something that looks perfect.

Also think I'm starting to get my head together a little more at the minute, I actually really enjoyed being in the studio today and I'm hoping that as long as I can stay on top of how I'm feeling I'll be able to produce work that meets the brief and that I'm also really proud of.

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