Sunday, 21 February 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Digital GIF

This GIF was a lot harder for me to get my head round and for me to actually create so I once again stuck to something simple, just so that I could find my footing abit and figure my way around the software and this way of animating images.

It was quite fun making this GIF though, I was able to layer up colours and shapes a lot easier and once I'd got into the swing of things, it didn't actually take too long to complete. I can definitely see how using Photoshop can help develop, improve and execute your work to a better standard and will definitely be considering using it more in the future. Saying that I still definitely prefer to work by hand. 

I'm fairly happy with how the GIF turned out, I think it's pretty funny to watch, the character I designed is simple but quite cute and I think the simplicity of the character makes it more relatable to people that might see it. Once again I think I could have spent more time thinking of composition and such but I'm happy with what I've made and feel that it works well.

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