Monday, 15 February 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Idea Development Actions

I was really into the shapes with faces I'd created in the first couple of days of the brief. I wanted to revisit these as it was pretty fun to play around with them. I thought they'd be good to use for the Action words that I have to animate because it'll be easy to move them around and I also thought this category could fit the digital gif that we have to produce. 

I think maybe some of these might need bit more development but I'm really enjoying how they look on paper, I'm excited to see what they'll be like when I start digitalising them. I'm particularly happy with the dance and disappear characters and think I'll probably be choosing one of these to take forward. The more I'm going through this list of words, the less interested I'm becoming in the brief. Nothing that I'm doing feels right again, I feel like I need to re-think and possibly re-start a few things but I'm not sure. 
On the bright side, I really like the bright, bold colours of these characters, it's nice being able to work quite simply for once, it turns out you can convey quite a lot with simple lines and shapes. They're also pretty funny to look at and quite cute. Usually i'm not one for wanting to create cute little characters but maybe I'll let that slide for these little dudes. 

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