Sunday, 21 February 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Final GIFS and Review of Brief

So here we are, three entirely different GIFS at the end of a confusing 3 weeks. I did enjoy this brief, I enjoy looking at character briefly and looking at what can be achieved using simple shapes and lines in terms of making faces and expressing emotions. I would say I was definitely more invested in my hand-drawn gif and felt like this is where I tried to pay more attention to character and how well executed the final GIF was. It's definitely my favourite out of the three. 

In terms of the digital and 3D GIF, I feel like they were successful to a certain extent but that maybe I could have spent more time developing them as characters and such and in the end just making them look better. I do feel quite proud of myself for completing all this though. I have minimal software knowledge so to say that I've added a digital aspect to all of my work in this brief, I'm pretty impressed with myself. I'm also happy that I actually managed to get them done! I had an awful awful cold through the second and third week of this brief which meant I was working as well or for as long as I feel I could have. Considering how crappy I felt I'm really happy that I pulled myself together and managed to get all of these done. 

Overall, GIF's are something that I'd definitely be interested in making again, they're a good way of being able to communicate a thought or emotion to an audience that's not necessarily a physical piece of work on a sheet of paper. 

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