Sunday, 21 February 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Hand-drawn GIF

I developed my initial timeline into a bit of a neater, more structured one and then moved onto making my individual frames. I got a little bored of the repetitive nature of this but i was really excited to see this GIF start to come together

I found using Photoshop a little tricky at first but overall I'm really happy with how this GIF turned out, I feel like this has been the first time I've been able to combine how I work at home with a brief I've been given at uni and produce something that I'm quite proud of. I was really happy to be working on it as well which was a change for me, I usually found myself dragging myself through briefs just to meet deadline but i was really eager to spend time on this and see what the finished GIF would look like.

I was considering doing this GIF with ink instead of pencil but I really like the jittery nature of hand-drawn gifs and I think that it works well with pencil drawings especially. At some point in the future I'd like to see how different media looked when animated, I think there's a certain kind of quality that you get from animating hand drawn images, I think it adds more to the character and makes it feel bit more personal. I think next time I'd maybe spend more time considering composition and frame but I was feeling a little overwhelmed with using Photoshop and animating imagery so I stuck to something simple and I think it worked pretty well.

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