Monday, 15 February 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Idea Development Objects

This one was not fun at all. I'm developing a very strong disliking for 3D and object. It's not fun for me at all. I just don't know how to work my way around it. It seems like it completely limits what you can do. I kind of liked the rocks with eyes that we saw in the briefing so decided to try go with something like this for the 3-D gif. I just tried to think of objects that I had handy to me and whether or not i could draw on them and then tried to make some kind of story up from that.

This is pretty much all I did when looking at 3D/Objects. I really wasn't keen on it and I think this really shows through in my sketchbook. The drawings are shit quality, the ideas are shit everything just shit and it's purely because I'm really not feeling 3-D at the minute. But I'm trying to adapt and I think if I had to choose one of these to take forward it would probably be the plant or the crystal one. I quite like those ideas I just wish I wasn't having to complete them sing a 3-D approach. 
After this I'm going to move onto storyboarding, try come to a decision on which ideas/characters to develop and see where my mind leads me.

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