Monday, 6 February 2017

The Batsford Prize - Brief Analysis

I've decided to have a shot at entering the Batsford Prize for a number of reasons. Firstly, the brief is very open ended brief, with Batsford looking for entries that show 'innovative and well-crafted' interpretations of nature. They ask that the work should reveal something about nature and our relationship too it, leaving a lot of room for different ideas and takes on this brief. I also chose to work on The Batsford Prize as the environment and nature are something I already have a strong interest in and that i try to reflect into different parts of my practice. I previously chose Margaret Atwood as my author for OUIL504 and this was mostly due to her environmental activism and how this spanned throughout her life and work.
I'm not entirely sure which route I want to go down with this brief yet, after all there are a lot of different avenues to explore, I'm hoping to look into habitat loss and/or conservation mainly, but will have a bit more of a think and decide once I feel better informed

The deadline for the brief is the 4th of April so I feel this will be easily achievable as well as balancing other ongoing modules. The theme for this year is Interpreting Nature and should reveal something about nature and our relationship too it. A submission form is available online and the work should be submitted via email (this is also provided online). Only one piece of work is allowed to be submitted and should be supported by a artists statement of 500 words.

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