Saturday, 18 February 2017

OUIL505 Mind Maps - What Do I Want To Do

Having swapped over to Retail and Packaging I started trying to make connections with what I enjoy drawing, what I care about, and what I could make. I think going through this process helped me link up a few different things that were going on in my head and helped me put things into context. For example, I've always enjoyed drawing from nature and this links to the interest that I have in our environment. I also have an interest in mental health and wellbeing and feel that i'm starting to explore this more through narrative in my personal work.

Anyway, I made some initial connections from that first mind map and identified three different themes:
. Wellbeing
. Environment
. Animal Welfare

I've started to try and develop these initial thoughts into a more structured plan in order to be able to complete my project proposal. I feel like I'm going to go down the route of environment/animal welfare as I feel this has more context and opportunity for development. I also feel that wellbeing/mental health/positivity has been touched on a lot recently and I run the risk of just creating things that already exist and not really being able to come up with any 'original' content. I'm going to fill out my project proposal and then hopefully the feedback from that will help me decide what exactly i'm going to try and achieve. I'm still worried that i've chosen the wrong area to work within and now i'm feeling like I should've stayed in adult publishing. The one thing this module has taught me so far is that I am very indecisive.

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