Friday, 10 February 2017

Illustration Friday - Teeth

I've been rejecting Illustration Friday recently, mostly because I'm stressed with other work that I've got going on but also because I'm finding the themes that they choose for each week quite boring and uninspiring to work around. I wanted to give Illustration Friday a go as a way to expand my digital skills so I'm still going to commit to getting some more done, but I'm going to be working with words that they've used in past weeks as a pose to the ones that are being put up at the minute. 

The word I chose this week was 'Teeth'. I created a rough sketch, refined it with black ink and then scanned it into photoshop. I changed the colour and the duplicated my image to give a kind of 3D effect, then using simple shape and graph paper, I created a background for my image. This was simple and kind of quick but it's still helping me become more comfortable using Photoshop. 

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