Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Grown Up Chocolate Company - Confectionary Specific Research

I found a packaging website called Lovely packaging that had a section dedicated to confectionary packaging. I found it really useful to look through this because along with pictures of confectionary branding/packaging, there were statements from the companies/designers on why they had chosen to use certain elements in their design and how this related back to brand values.

I particularly found the packaging for 'Moonstruck Fortunato' to be aesthetically striking and the concept behind the design to be very strong. The packaging takes inspiration from the location in which the company is based and incorporates architecture, landmarks, nature and some folklore into the imagery. To me this promotes that idea of handmade/locally produced goods. Having a strong connection in your packaging with the identity/location/morals of the brand is a good way to create packaging that has a strong concept and is executed well.

  From this research I've started thinking about how we can tell the story of The Grown Up Chocolate Company through the packaging that we have been asked to design. Although the personalisation of the chocolate bars is key in this brief, the packaging leaves for other options to be explored. We already know that The Grown Up Chocolate company is a small, bespoke business, operating in the Harlow area of London. We also know that The Grown Up Chocolate Company creates chocolate bars that are reminiscent of chocolates we ate as children, with an adult twist. Is there a way that we can incorporate the things we used to do as children, or the things we wish we could still do as adults into the packaging design? Is there a way that we can bring the origins and roots into our packaging design? And if so how would we do it? These are questions that I will bring to my next meeting with my collaborative partner.

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