Saturday, 25 February 2017

OUIL505 - Change of Idea (Again)

So, I've decided to change my idea again after having a quick chat with Ben. I think I've been focusing too much on trying to set out a really defined outcome, and also trying to push myself maybe too far out of my comfort zone. I also realised that I'd been looking at things that did interest me but that I was really excited about making. I had a re-think and decided to jot down a list of things that I actually enjoy learning about or want to learn more about and that relate back to the things that I enjoyed drawing anyway.

New List:
- Native American Culture/Folklore
- Ghost Stories/Haunted Locations
- Tattoos/Tattoo Culture
- Witches/Witch Hunting/Magic 
- Folklore/Urban Legends
- Superstitions

Obviously I'm going to do bit of initial research into the subject areas that I've highlighted to give me a bit more direction, I'm hoping that over the upcoming interview week I'll be able to refine my proposal and start drawing and get everything straightened by the time we have our progress tutorials.

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