Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Grown Up Chocolate Company - Collaborative Meeting 09/02/12

Today me and my collaborative partner met up to go over the progress we were making on our project. Ste told me that Graphics had a talk from YCN and they mentioned that the projects that did best tended to be the ones where people had pushed the brief further and done more than expected/asked from them. From this we spoke about possibly expanding our project and rather than just looking at the packaging and landing page, we could possibly look at incorporating other things into our project such as extras within the packaging, web/mobile ideas and a way to get customers to return or further personalise their experience with The Grown Up Chocolate Company.

We've also decided to separately research different avenues that we could go with this project and then share them with each other next week and choose a final theme/style that we want to carry forward for the project. After this we will be able to give each other set tasks and start to develop the work further.

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