Monday, 27 February 2017

Visual Starting Points

I've finally been able to get a start with the visuals. After a lot of jumping from idea to idea with my collaborative partner, we decided it might be best if he steps back a little bit and just let's me move ahead with the visual aspect of this brief. I think this will work a lot better and will help us both speed this process up.

I've noted down some visual starting points and am going to start drawing this week so that i can get my roughs to my partner on Thursday, ready to start developing my final illustrations.

Visual Starting Points:

- sugar
- cocoa (beans/butter)
- milk
- vanilla
- coconut
- caramel
- toffee
- fruit
- nut
- peanut
- sea salt
- ginger

I could maybe develop a pattern using these ingredients? Possibly using cut paper or maybe lino cut to produce a more handmade, rustic kind of feel

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