Monday, 21 November 2016

The Grown Up Chocolate Company - Brand Research

James Ecclestone founded the brand in September 2011. He had already set up Casemir Chocolate in 1984, which still supplies handmade chocolates for the hospitality business and over 200 hotels. Wanting to diversify his product, he set up The Grown Up Chocolate Company.
The Grown Up Chocolate Company are a small, independent business and the bars are sold in around 300 independent retailers in the UK including Fortnum and Mason, farm shops, delicatessens, Booths and National Trust gift shops and are predominately available online.

"The idea behind our Grown Up chocolate bars is that they are reminiscent of the bars we ate as children, but reimagined for grown ups only."
 Their chocolate bars are more like high quality versions of high street brands with an adult twist in terms of the ingredients/flavours used.

The company offer a range of confectionary from individual bars to boxes and hampers including flavours such as mince pie, spiced ginger, festive fig and port, salted caramel and coconut to name a few. The bars are priced between £1.99 and £2.95, the boxes between £3.95 and £60.00, and £50.00 for a hamper.

The concept behind their current branding is that the pictures of children on the packaging are kids pretending to be grown ups, communicating that you have to be 'grown up' to have this product and also communicating that kids will pretend to be adults/dress up/ do anything to get their hands on chocolate. This is emphasised by the tagline 'nice try kid, but it's not for you!' further showing that the child is trying to get the chocolate by any means possible.


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