Friday, 11 November 2016

Monoprint Workshop

I really enjoyed the mono print workshop that we had! I've had a go at printing in this way before but mainly using stencils and I wasn't too keen on it but I learnt some new techniques and new ways of making images in the workshop that I'm really excited to work more with! The prints above were made by inking the plastic sheet and then using tissue paper to clean away areas of ink to create an image! I was really happy about figuring out how to do this as Sophie Lécuyer uses a technique that creates similar images/textures to this and I was really keen to figure out how she had done it

Monotype really worked for me! I'm more of a drawer than anything so it was great to learn how to make prints that were focused on drawing and line rather than more shape based images. These were only done quickly so that I could figure out how everything worked but I started to see in the middle image how different textures and tonal values can be created using different tools to draw with and different pressures to create different textures! Really looking forward to exploring this way of printmaking more and seeing how it can fit into my practice.

(Halloween prints because the workshop was on Halloween. Spooky)

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