Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Study Task 4 - Examples of Animated Shorts/Stings

David Foldvari - Something New

I really love this animation. It's kind of creepy in terms of the imagery, the jolty way that it moves and the sounds used on top. It's quite different to my style of working but I still really appreciate the craft that's been put into this animation. In reality it's quite a simple animation, there's not too much going on in terms of complex moving imagery as a lot of the time the main image stays still and it's just selected bits of the illustration that move, I feel like this would be a good approach to take with my animated stings.

Other Peter - Japan Now

I really like how this animation is a collection of shorter animations rather than one longer one on it's own. This kind of ties in with the option of having 3 shorter stings or 1 longer one, there's also the option of making 3 short stings that somehow tie together to create one 30 second sting (if that makes sense), kind of finding a way to link them all together. I also think that simplicity is going to be key with animating my images. The most effective that I'm finding haven't over worked their imagery and this makes it look a lot smoother and cleaner as a finished animation.

Aude Danset - Countrylife 3: Night

I really love the simplicity of this and how it builds up from one singular image to a whole collection of images that move and appear in their own way. I like how simple this animation is and yet it builds up to be something that appears quite complex. I especially like how the plants appear to grow and feel like this could be something I incorporate into my own stings. I think researching stings and shorts animations has helped me realise that there's more than one way of tackling this brief, it doesn't necessarily have to be a defined story, it could be a collection of images like this that come together to give an over all feel to a theme or even like the Japan Now animation that's a collection of shorts put together to make one larger animation.

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