Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Printed Pictures Project Proposal

BA (Hons) Illustration - Level 05

OUIL504 Illustration: Process & Production

STUDIO BRIEF 2 PROJECT PROPOSAL: Production & Presentation of my Printed Pictures

I intend to produce ……
 5 two colour screenprints exploring themes and imagery in Margaret Atwoods work

The content will focus on (identify 3 specific themes, texts or concepts)
1.     Nature and Atwoods incorporation of this into her work and personal life

2.     Female identity/form/feminism – strong theme throughout work

3.      Additional imagery from selected texts/poems

I will be aiming to communicate (identify 3 specific messages, ideas, moods etc.)

1.     The relationship between humans and nature

2.     Strong female figures/characters

3.     A gentle tone to the image while also communicating a darker/mysterious tone

To an audience of ….. (name 3 characteristics)

1.     Fans of Atwoods writing/life

2.     People who are new to her work

3.     People who have an interest in nature and our responsibility to the planet

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