Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Moving Pictures Proposal Form

BA (Hons) Illustration - Level 05

OUIL504 Illustration: Process & Production

STUDIO BRIEF 3 PROJECT PROPOSAL: Production & Presentation of my Moving Pictures

I intend to produce ……
A 30 second sting based on imagery produced during the Printed Pictures Brief

The content will focus on (identify 3 specific themes, texts or concepts)
1.     Natural world – stems from Atwoods work and life, I have particularly been inspired by the poem ‘The Moment’

2.     Deconstructing existing imagery into different elements and exploring how they can work together in motion

3.     Giving an overview to Atwoods work

I will be aiming to communicate (identify 3 specific messages, ideas, moods etc.)

1.     Natural/Natural World – Key to Atwoods life and work

2.     Mystery/ambiguity

3.     Strong female characters – a theme that runs through Atwoods work

To an audience of ….. (name 3 characteristics)

1.     People who would buy the prints? The animation and prints could go together as a set?

2.     Fans of Atwood and her work

3.     Environmental Activists/people with an interest in nature and our relationship too it

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