Friday, 11 November 2016

(Almost) Final Ideas

I think these are the ideas I'm going to go with! I've been spending a lot of time mulling over ideas and different roughs and finally I think I'm getting somewhere! I think i'm going to make circular prints that will be printed onto square sheets of paper, I like the idea of filling the frame but doing this as a full size portrait print was taking up a lot of time and I felt like a lot of what I was trying to convey was getting lost. Using a circle within the frame of the paper was a way of containing the image so it didn't get out of hand whilst still being able to 'fill the frame' in a way. 

I'm really happy with how they're looking, the colours are just a rough idea of what I'm going for but will probably end  up being more muted pastel tones. Hopefully these will work well together as a set. I've tried tying them all together in the way that they're drawn and by including the same character/motifs throughout, the woman and the bird. I think the next step is to start seeing what these would look like as prints and how I'm going to create textures and different ways of applying colour throughout. 

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