Thursday, 17 November 2016

Collaborative Brief - The Grown Up Chocolate Company

I have decided to start collaborating on this brief with a student on Graphic Design. We had a look at a few of the other YCN briefs and decided this would be best suited for both of us as it will engage both our fields of study, Illustration and Graphic Design. The brief asks us to create an original and inventive packaging design for a new personalised chocolate product. The packaging will include a box and outer sleeve and will be accompanied by a landing page that will be used to present the product to the customer.

Early this week I met up with the Graphic Design student, and we talked through the brief and started to plan the things we would need to consider and achieve before the deadline for this brief. So far we have agreed that we will meet once a week to discuss and review progress and work on the brief. We have also agreed to construct a time plan in the next week to help us manage our time effectively and allow for mistakes and production. We had a quick look at the brand and their existing packaging and from that we understood that the brand was quite trendy and modern, aimed at adults, within the age range 20 - 40. Correctly identifying the target audience will be a key part of the first stages of the brief so this will be one of the first things we look into. We are also going to individually conduct wider research on the brand, deconstruct the brief to gain full understanding of what's being asked of us and also start to research packaging concepts and how illustration can be applied to a product. There is also a possibility that we may arrange a trip to the production kitchen in Harlow to help inform our knowledge and understanding of the brand.

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