Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Printed Pictures - Thumbnails and Ideas

I had a few ideas stemming from the editorial brief we just did, mainly involving a moon motif and figures/hands/bodies. I feel like I'm kind of drifting away from Atwood's work in some of these roughs but that's not necessarily a bad thing, it's okay to go with your own flow sometimes. The last pages of the issuu document show some more developed sketches that I'm pretty happy with. I'm trying to keep a consistent figure throughout and also try and compose the images in a similar way so that when it comes to creating the final prints, they'll all look pretty consistent.

I'm really enjoying where some of the roughs are heading and from different feedback sessions that I've had I've got a kind of clear idea of the route I want to go down. I've still got a fair bit more development to do and I could do with blogging abit more regularly, everything's so hectic at the moment it's hard to keep up!

Need to:
- Keep developing images
- Blog more often
- Not stress as much
- Think about colours

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