Tuesday, 22 November 2016

More Mono Experiment

I've had another go with mono printing in order to try and visualise what I could use as a background for my prints. I was thinking that i could possibly mono print block circles of colour and then either screen print/lino print/monotype over the top of said colours. I think the textures created when mono printing are really nice and add a handmade quality and texture to what would usually be just a flat block of colour. I also tried using a few other leaf shaped stencils to see what I could create with these and am quite happy with some of the results that I got.

These were the stencils that I used but I really like the patterns and textures that they've picked up from being used to print, I think scanned in and arranged in some way would make these look really interesting and could possibly be used for my leafy image. 

Both of these are variations on the kind of background that I was trying to achieve. I much prefer these to the idea of having flat blocks of colours and think they would add depth and texture to my images. 

I think there's some really interesting outcomes from this little mono print session, but i'm not sure if I'll actually use anything like this. I was pretty set on using lino print but now I'm starting to think a combination could work really well. I mocked up the image below to see how it would look together, it's quite rushed and messy but I'm liking the direction that things seem to be heading.

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