Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Batsford Prize - Rationale

I intend to produce a 40 x 40cm won colour screen print based around the research I have done for this brief. I am going to incorporate the fable of The Two Wolves and the symbolism of the snake to produce an image which i think best reflects the relationship with our environment.

The fable of The Two Wolves teaches us to make a personal and a global choice about our relationship with and our attitude towards our environment. Our choices are to either continue to exploit and destroy our planet for our own personal gain and greed or to step back and become more respectful and understanding towards our environment and start to change and adapt our lifestyles to a way which is more environmentally friendly and give our environment a chance to heal. We are already well into the process of destroying our environment and this is something that we need to stop. To represent the idea of healing I will incorporate an image of a snake, which represents healing and rebirth. This is something that we need to allow our planet to do in order to preserve natural habitats and start to rebuild the environment we have already destroyed.

I'm really looking forward to producing prints for this. I feel like my concept is strong and well developed and am hoping that everything turns out well when I start printing my final image.

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